Gardening jobs to do in winter to ensure blooms for spring | House

Gardening jobs to do in winter to guarantee blooms for spring | Home

TThe weather still feels decidedly wintry, but the days are getting noticeably longer and life in the garden is lively. So that you don’t feel overwhelmed with jobs in the spring, the coming weeks are a good time to prepare. There’s plenty to do indoors on a bad day, and if the weather forces you with a dry spell, make the most of it to prune and tidy up.

The bright blue of the grape hyacinths


I know quite a few people who didn’t manage to plant their flower bulbs before Christmas. A combination of November’s incessant rain and last month’s cold snap – not to mention the flood that crushed so many before or during the festive season – means there’s likely a few sacks left unplanted