Gardening Ideas and Tips: How To Take Care of Cash Plant, Jade Plant and Aloe Vera Plant at Dwelling


If you want to spice up the visual beauty of your home, indoor plants might be the right investment for you. Indoor plants not only ensure the pleasant green in any room, but they are also known for a variety of health benefits – they increase productivity and focus, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, and improve the air quality around you. And that’s not even half the benefits of owning houseplants!

In this article, we are going to give you some practical tips and tricks for the following three plants – money plant, jade plant and aloe vera. They are some of the to have the simplest and most beneficial houseplants, and taking care of their diet is a straightforward and comforting process. Read on for more:

1. How do you care for money plants?

Money plants are known for their positive energy and their presence is said to bring good luck. While it’s an easy plant to care for, there are a few tricks that will ensure your money plant doesn’t end up with yellow, drooping leaves.

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For starters, this houseplant rarely needs deep watering. However, excessive watering can be harmful to health. So be sure to take a 7-10 day break between each watering session. Direct sunlight and low lighting will help with growth, so make sure you set up your money plant in a bright but shady spot, indoors or outdoors. It also prefers moisture, so make sure the leaves are sprayed in winter.

2. How do you care for the jade plant?

With its bright jade-colored leaves and good reputation for good luck, the jade plant is a popular choice for indoor plants. People often complain that jade plants die quickly, but that’s not true when properly cared for.

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Make sure you water them deeply and wait until the soil has dried up significantly before watering again. If brown spots appear on the leaves or they start to shrink, it is a sign that the plant needs more water. Lots of sunlight will cause the stem to grow thick and the tips of the leaves to turn red, adding beauty to the plant. Sunny, south-facing windows are ideal for ensuring that the jade plant has good daily sunlight.

3. How do you care for aloe vera?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, aloe vera is a must have in your collection. With its gel, which contains a number of antibacterial properties and vitamins, this attractive and succulent plant is the perfect houseplant.

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Aloe plants are 95% water, so make sure you bring them indoors in the summer to avoid frost. They grow best in dry conditions; therefore, using a soil mix with construction sand will help with growth. Place the plant in a sunny spot and soak the soil thoroughly when watering. Remember to pour deep, but rarely. This corresponds to watering once a week in summer and once a month in winter.

And you are done! Now that you have this handy guide on hand, we hope you decide to invest in at least one (or all, they’re all pretty awesome!) Of these plants. Have fun gardening!

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