Gardening: Find out how to add worth to your house by bettering your backyard


Outdoor areas are more important than ever for real estate hunters today. A whopping 64 percent of UK residents say they won’t buy property if they don’t have outdoor space. New research from Rated People has found that locking down outside space is more important than ever to home buyers looking to entertain future guests. The best way for homeowners to upgrade their properties is to make changes outside that reflect this trend.

Summer homes, outdoor entertainment areas, outdoor lighting, and pizza ovens are great ways to make your home more attractive to buyers.

Garden home offices and garden gyms are also popular ways to add value to your home.

What Are the Most Valuable Garden Improvements Home Owners Can Make?

Garden offices, garden gyms, and outdoor entertainment areas add more value to a home than classic additions such as lawns, paved patios, and trees and plants.

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The most added value addition is a swimming pool which can add up to £ 7,707 to the value of your home.

A covered patio or paved patio adds approximately £ 4,227 and £ 4,083 to the value of a property, respectively.

At the bottom of the list are built-in pizza ovens, built-in outdoor grills, and outdoor lighting.

Each of these add just over £ 3,000 to the value of a home.

“For many of us, outdoor spaces have gone from being a place where we could spend a bit of time when the weather is nice, to being an important addition to our homes that has allowed us to see friends and family when otherwise might not be possible would have been .

“It’s easy to see why homeowners and home buyers are now placing more emphasis on outdoor spaces.

“After a long, harsh winter, this spring and summer, people are expected to make the most of their gardens – from creating areas perfect for entertaining friends and family, to building new decks, garden rooms and Greenhouses to maximize the value of a home before it is sold.

“We just need the weather to improve so we can enjoy our time outside!”