G7 summit: Flying bugs floor White Home press flight and swarm Joe Biden on tarmac | US Information


Flying insects have forced a plane in the US that was supposed to carry dozens of reporters about Joe Biden’s visit to the G7 summit in Cornwall to lie on the ground.

Even the US president was not spared and had to knock off a cicada when he boarded Air Force One at Andrews Joint Base in Maryland to fly to the UK and said, “Take care of the cicadas. I just got one get me. “

The cicadas – loud insects that pop up every 17 years – managed to fill the engines of the White House plane with journalists at Washington Dulles International Airport just before departure.

The US President boarded Air Force One with a cicada on his neck. Image: AP

After officials were briefed on Tuesday of the invasion, a new plane was dispatched from New York to Washington.

The media package was managed in an airport hotel and finally boarded a flight that left the United States more than six hours late.

Mr. Biden, who arrives in the UK on Wednesday with Air Force One, will make his first trip abroad since taking office.

He will be hoping to rally US allies against common threats and difficulties including COVID-19, Russia and the environment.

Joe Biden knocks off a cicada before stepping onto Air Force One for the G7 summit in Cornwall

Mr Biden knocks off a cicada before getting on his plane

The insects that Washington journalists delayed emerged in May as part of Brood X in the eastern and midwestern United States, an infestation in which they covered everything from trees, walls and vehicles.

According to the National Park Service, the insect goes through five stages of development underground for 17 years before emerging to mate.

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What is the G7?

The swarms of billions of insects have already disturbed the people of the United States, with many residents stocking up on food and taking other various preventive measures.

This cicada round will die out later this month – before its next appearance in 2038.

The insects seen here at the foot of a tree in New Jersey delayed the White House's media package

The insects seen here at the foot of a tree in New Jersey delayed the White House’s media package