‘Frankenstein’ Chinese language scientists pressure male rats to provide BIRTH whereas conjoined with feminine rodents in lab experiments


CHINESE scientists forced male rats into birth through Frankenstein-style experiments.

The team from Naval Medical University in Shanghai constructed a rat model of male pregnancy in four steps.


Scientists joined the animals by sewing their skinCredit: Naval Medical University
The study was called by an expert


The study was described as “hideous” by an expert.Credit: Naval Medical University
A graphic used by scientists to explain how they joined the female and male rats


A graphic used by scientists to explain how they joined the female and male ratsCredit: Naval Medical University

The first was to join a male and female rat by fastening their skin and dividing their blood.

The second step was to transplant a uterus from another female into the male before implanting embryos in male and female rats.

The embryos were then developed for 21.5 days before the scientists performed a caesarean section.

After the rats were born, the team performed “separation operations” on the rats and found that all males survived three months after the operation.


The researchers said the study showed that the mice born from the experiment survived into adulthood and had no health problems.

However, they also found some “abnormal dead fetuses” that “had different morphology and color from normal fetuses” or “had placental atrophy or swelling”.

In their research, the team wrote: “For the first time, we have constructed a mammalian model of male pregnancy.

“Our research shows the possibility of normal embryonic development in male mammals and could have a profound impact on reproductive biology research.”


But PETA’s Senior Science Policy, consultant Emily McIvor, described the study as “hideous” and criticized the research, saying animals should not be treated as “throwaway items.”

She told Mail Online, “In this hideous study, after male rats were spayed and forcibly bound to a female rat, they were cut open and implanted in a uterus and embryos were inserted into them – all to see if they were ‘successful’ Young could produce.

“These shocking experiments are driven entirely by curiosity and do not help improve our understanding of the human reproductive system.

“Animals deserve to be respected and left alone, not to be bred in laboratories, experimented and treated like disposable objects.”

She added: “The surgical joining of two sensitive rats – who have suffered mutilation and weeks of suffering – is unethical and in the realm of Franconian science.”

The rats could drive the special vehicles without any problemsThe rats could drive the special vehicles without any problems

In 2019, US researchers filmed rats using specialty vehicles to gather food, which could be evidence that their ability to learn tasks has been underestimated.

The experiment was developed by University of Richmond neuroscientist Kelly Lambert, who found that rats were much better at driving than she expected.

Lambert told New Scientist, “They learned how to navigate the car in unique ways and engage in steering patterns that they never used to eventually get to the reward.”


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The tiny rat car was made from an empty food container, wheels, an aluminum floor and a steering wheel made of three copper bars.

The copper steering wheel created an electrical current with the aluminum interior that propelled the car forward when a trained rat pulled the left, center, or right copper bar with its paw.

Constant rewards from Froot Loops every time the rats touched the plastic car and moved it forward helped them learn it was a good thing.

In the world’s first experiment, rats learn to drive tiny electric cars to collect food