Exxel Termite Co. Proclaims Provide for Free Inspections for Properties, Companies, and Actual Property – Press Launch


This company offers a reliable, efficient and professional termite control service at a fair price.

Many properties have been closed due to lockdowns due to the pandemic. This situation becomes a favorable place for pests such as termites. Exxel Termite Co., one of California’s premier termite control service companies, understands the importance of protecting abandoned workplaces and homes. To prepare individuals and businesses for further property damage, Exxel Termite is pleased to announce its offer of free inspections. Exxel Termite offers inspection, fumigation, treatment, soil treatment, construction and repair.

According to Exxel Termite, termites cost owners more than $ 5 billion in treatment and repair costs each year. A thorough and professional termite inspection of a home is one of the best defense mechanisms against damage from termites and other wood-destroying organisms. While fire and weather can wreak havoc, any disaster is dramatic and emotional.

Termites may seem less dramatic, but the damage they cause isn’t. Termites are tough, determined, and highly efficient. No evidence of their work will be seen until structural damage is done. The company says termites cause more than $ 750 million in damage each year. That amount is more than all fires, storms, tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes combined.

Exxel Termite’s slogan “We’ll beat any price … anyone!” stands for its commitment to providing termite control services at the lowest cost. With that commitment and value, the company has become the go-to stop for real estate owners in California.

The company makes termite control easier and more convenient for its customers. First, Exxel Termite will come to your home and assess the resident’s specific termite control needs. The trained inspectors learn to recognize the onset of an infestation or infection. This inspection gives the homeowner a chance to fix the problem before it becomes too costly.

Exxel Termite customers look forward to sharing their experiences with the company. Cathy W. shared: “Our real estate agency has had a professional relationship with the Exxel Termite Company for several years. If necessary, they did everything to meet our time-sensitive deadlines. I can recommend her to everyone who inquires in my professional and personal world. Exxel Termite is a pleasure to work with. “

Exxel Termite believes that many factors can differentiate termite companies from one another. When looking for a termite control company, look for a reputable company with agents who are familiar with termite habits, construction types, treatment specifications, and government regulations. Ask friends and coworkers to recommend companies that have used them. Find out if continuing coverage is offered that includes treatment for re-infestation and repairs for future damage and ask if it is renewable. Make sure the company is licensed by the state regulator.

For more information on Exxel Termite, please visit http://www.exxeltermite.com.

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Exxel Termite Co. provides homeowners and businesses with quality, affordable termite control services. The California-headquartered company also offers free termite inspections, wood repairs, treatments, tents, and more.

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