England’s Euro 2020 remaining vs Italy might be hit by FLYING ANTS as radar detects enormous swarm of bugs


ENGLAND’s Euro 2020 final against Italy could be attacked by FLYING ANTS.

Sunday’s huge showdown at Wembley Stadium could give a swarm of insects a stab in the tail headed for the finals after a radar showed millions of ants flying over London.


Flying ants could swarm over the Wembley finalsImage Credit: Getty – Contributor
England's players could be distracted by the insect invasion


England’s players could be distracted by the insect invasionPhoto credit: Getty

The final of Euro 2020 falls during the mating season of the insects and could trigger a huge wave of flying ants in the historic game.

Adam Hart, professor of science communication at the University of Gloucestershire, told Sky News, “If conditions are right on Sunday, there can be more than three lions on shirts at Wembley and across the country.”

Sky News meteorologist Kirsty McCabe said, “Usually signals from creatures like insects are filtered out by the Met Office’s weather radar network.

“But on flying ant days the swarms are so large that they can dominate the signal.”

Flying ants have influenced major sporting events in London in recent years, with players complaining of an attack by living things during Wimbledon.

Gareth Southgate’s side won’t want any annoying distractions in their first grand final in 55 years at Wembley with England.


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England booked their spot in the Euro 2020 final after beating Denmark on extra time.

It sparked wild scenes at Wembley and across the country as England advanced to a win ahead of their maiden European Championship triumph.

And even if the flying ants dodged the final, Wembley is sure to make a big splash when England is on the verge of glory.


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