Do not let the mattress bugs chew — actually

Don’t let the bed bugs bite — literally

With the end of summer bed bugs increase. It is high season for them as many travel.

“If people go to hotels or anywhere, you can get them from anywhere,” said Robert Gaul, the technical director of Thomas Pest Services. “Cars, vehicles, buses, trains, anywhere you can get bed bugs. They attach themselves to luggage, shoes, clothes.”

Thomas says it has 25% more bed bug clients than this time last year. Although you can see bed bugs with the naked eye, many people go for months without realizing they have an infestation.

Bed bug bites usually appear three times in a row and on specific parts of the body like the arm or the leg.

To get rid of them, pest control services heat the home to at least 120 degrees and use chemical treatments, but Gallien says to avoid bigger problems when you get somewhere, check for bed bugs.

“Be sure to inspect the area where you sleep or sit,” he said. “Be careful with your luggage and where you put it. As soon as you get home, check your luggage. Take everything, all your clothes and everything you’ve brought with you, and put it in the washing machine with hot water and dry it it in high heat.”