BedBug Central is Now TRNZ4m – PCT


TRENTO, NJ – BedBug Central announced its re-branding on TRNZ4m along with the launch of the website and the hiring.

“Being brave and bold at heart, we decided at one of the most difficult times in history to take the necessary steps for our rebranding efforts,” said Robert DiJoseph, chief operations officer of TRNZ4m.

DiJoseph stated that during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the company began the process of renaming it to TRNZ4m, leaving BedBug Central behind. “Although BedBug Central had seen tremendous success and recognition over the past decade, we started to break new ground and the name no longer reflected the company,” said DiJoseph. “Of course it will always be the core of the company, but it didn’t matter to us anymore.”

DiJoseph added, “We have taken steps to expand beyond bed bugs to other pest products and educational offerings.

The TRNZ4m family of companies includes the SenSci product line and Evolve YT Supervisor Development courses. DiJoseph explained that although the name and appearance have changed, the values ​​are still there. “TRNZ4m is dedicated to growing businesses while changing the mind by delivering effective, affordable pest control products and educational platforms,” ​​he said. “We believe in living by our core values ​​in order to deliver the best possible products to our customers, which in return will grow their business now and in the future.”

Along with the new name and look, TRNZ4m recently launched its completely new website and welcomed Allison Berg to his team. Berg, the new customer acquisition coordinator of TRNZ4m, has more than 14 years of experience in the pest control industry and is looking forward to making a name with TRNZ4m.

“I am very excited to be joining the TRNZ4m team and expanding the business by acquiring new customers,” said Berg. “It will be a new twist to bring my knowledge of selling the products from a pest control company’s perspective to the manufacturing side, but I look forward to building many more relationships and partnerships along the way.”

DiJoseph and his entire team are excited about the rebranding and look forward to sharing it with the industry.

To see the new TRNZ4m website, visit For more information on the SenSci product line, click here or for information on upcoming Evolve YT courses, click here.