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Newsmax host goes out during a chaotic interview with MyPillow

Mike Lindell’s wildest conspiracy theories about the presidential election, CEO of MyPillow, forced Newsmax host Bob Sellers to step out of her on-air interview in frustration on Tuesday. The interview was apparently supposed to concern the fact that Twitter blocked both Lindell’s personal account and MyPillow’s corporate account for using them to spread the conspiracy theories, but, perhaps unsurprisingly, Lindell similarly tried to use his appearance on the show for the same thing Purposes claiming to have evidence of tampering with voting machines. Sellers quickly completed this and tried to get the exchange going again, but Lindell kept ranting, although it is difficult to tell what exactly he was saying when he and Sellers were talking about each other. Eventually Sellers gave up and walked off the set. When former President Donald Trump and his allies started pushing through their baseless claims of widespread election fraud, the Newsmax segments played an important role in expanding some theories, but they have cooled since then. There’s speculation that the pro-Trump network has changed its mindset, at least in part, because of the threat posed by Dominion, the company Lindell is referring to, and is filing libel lawsuits. Dominion isn’t playing. MyPillow CEO arrives and voids conspiracy theorists about the machines. Newsmax immediately interrupts him and corrects him with a script that defends the machines and the company! The argument becomes so heated that a host leaves. – Josh Dawsey (@ jdawsey1) February 2, 2021 More stories from Meatballs, F-Bombs, Election Fraud Conspiracies: A Trump Oval Office Meeting That Was So Crazy That Giuliani the voice of reason was, ‘America’s parents are not okay. Biden’s immigration orders don’t do much. That could be intentional.