Assist us get therapy for termites

Assist us get therapy for termites

The floor in one room of our house has collapsed twice in the last year. It was treated a few months ago for the rotting wood and the floor was replaced. Since then the ground has collapsed again. This time it was found that the reason for both cases is termites. We could pay for a temporary floor fix, but not an exterminator. It was originally expected to cost $900 if included in a single area. After inspecting the home, the inspector said it would cost at least $2,000 because the termites had spread throughout the home, not just the area that collapsed.

I work part-time at a university and only get paid every two weeks. Since my contract hasn’t started yet for this year, I won’t get a paycheck for another month. Even with the paycheck, it won’t be enough to cover expenses. The soil works for a short time, but not for long without termite treatment to the extent that the last soil replacement has been destroyed.

Below are pictures of the damage to the wood.

Any donation is greatly appreciated. Since I’m an illustrator, I can offer a small sketch or pfp to any donor as a thank you. I can’t be too specific about how busy I am preparing for class, but below are examples of my sketch work and what to expect if you want one.

Again, any help is very welcome!