Abell Pest Management to Present the Canadian Wildlife Well being Cooperative with Rodents for COVID -19 Analysis


VANCOUVER, BC, June 1, 2021 / CNW / – As part of an initiative to test rodents for COVID 19, Abell Pest Control is participating in a research initiative with the Vancouver Council Project (VRP), part of the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative. Rodent carcasses are collected and tested for the P1 variant, which has been experimentally found to infect rodents.

“This is an innovative and new way to do important research on a virus that seems to be a step ahead of us,” said John Abell, President, Abell Pest Control. “Abell is able to provide the researchers with the samples they need for monitoring and research.”

Abell Pest Control saw rat calls increase by 51% during the COVID-19 pandemic British Columbia compared to 2020. The company has seen similar growth in other markets across the country.

Led by the VRP, in partnership with the British Columbia Center for Disease Control and the Structural Pest Management Association of British Columbia, and with funding from Genome British Columbia, the researchers will work with pest control companies, including Abell, to collect rodents found in certain Areas of. were caught Vancouver, Surrey, and North Vancouver. The results of this work are of great interest to both state and federal groups.

The CWHC offers $ 10 per sample, and Abell Pest Control will take all the receipts from the collection of rats and mice to food banks throughout Vancouver, Surrey, and North Vancouver.

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SOURCE Abell Pest Control Inc

For more information: Eliana Pasquariello, Abell Pest Control, [email protected]

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