78-year-old receives new furnishings as a present after residing with mattress bugs

78-year-old receives new furniture as a gift after living with bed bugs

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Walker Furniture has been making vacations more comfortable for 29 years.

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They have filled homes with furniture for needy families.

Each year, Walker Furniture welcomes submissions from people who need help during the holidays.

One recipient is a 78-year-old living with bed bugs. She has now moved to a new place and can spend the holidays relaxed.

“You get a whole house full of furniture. I’m talking about a complete living room set with sofas, tables and lamps. A bedroom set with a mattress and a box spring, a dining room set so they can eat with their family is really a wonderful thing.”

In total, Walker Furniture gave brand new furniture to 35 families to enjoy the holidays with their loved ones, reminding everyone of the true meaning of gift giving during the holiday season.